Baltic Institute of Technology, founded in January 2016, is the idea of creating in Poland an interdisciplinary scientific and technological platform with a flexible form of operation and effective management structure, set apart from the traditional academic system. Since October 1, 2016, research projects implemented in the Foundation are co-financed from the budget of the Municipality of the City of Gdynia (public task, contract No. 3 / DOT / 2016).

For whom?

Its purpose is to be scientifically explain important research issues and, on this basis, develop and implement new technological solutions addressing significant problems in various spheres of life. The Institute thus conceived is to be an optimal environment for the close cooperation of economic innovators: researchers, entrepreneurs and industry representatives.

Baltic Institute of Technology

Scientific core of the Baltic Institute of Technology is constitued by three professors – prof. Maciej Konacki, prof. Sebastian Maćkowski and prof. Maciej Wojtkowski – specializing in issues related to broadly understood astronomical and optical technologies as well as nanotechnology. In recent years, these scientists have received multimillion (PLN) subsidies for research in the above-mentioned areas. They also have experience in creating spin-off companies, in the commercialization of research results and in managing research teams. The Institute is also run by young scientists at various stages of professional development.


Gdynia / Polska

Fundacja Badawcza
Bałtycki Instytut Technologiczny

Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98 | 81-451 Gdynia building IV | C module | room 103a mail: office@baltech-gdynia.pl