Robotic telescopes

Robotic telescopes are optimal tools for the detection and monitoring of space debris and satellites. Robotic ground-based telescopes have become one of the most important space surveillance tools. By robotic telescopes we understand devices capable of carrying out at least one night of observations on the basis of general guidelines set by their users. Usually, however, such devices are able to work on their own for months. This is a significant departure from traditional observing techniques, in which sensors are directly supervised by an operator during all cloudless nights of the year (up to 300 nights per year in the case of leading observatories). This means a significant reduction of the necessary manpower and costs involved in conducting weeks-long observing campaigns in remote areas where a human operator is involved

The project will launch a robotic telescope to detect and monitor space debris and satellites. The telescope will become part of the Polish and European network of ground-based assests carrying out tasks under the European Space Situational Awareness programme. The project will open the way for further research and development activities of the Baltic Institute of Technology in the field of instrumental astronomy as well as space exploration and research.

fot. Teleskop robotyczny

The leader of this project is prof. Maciej Konacki.