Sensoryka plazmonowa

The main goal of the research in this project is to use metallic structures to enhance the optical response, to detect important substances in the air as well as in various types of fluids and other environments. It is known that metallic nanostructures allow signal amplification of up to two orders of magnitude, which significantly improves the applicability of these materials. The universalism of the proposed solutions allows their application in a wide class of issues. The main focus will be on the simplicity of these structures and the detection system. Examples of such structures may be metallic nanowires or layers of corrugated metals on the surface of suitable substrates.

The experimental research envisaged in this project will not only be a significant step towards understanding and understanding the mechanisms and processes taking place in the nanoscience. This knowledge will also contribute to the creation and use of functional nanostructures in such areas of life and technology as (bio) sensors to detect the presence of even single molecules and optoelectronic devices.